When to learn manoeuvres

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There are four ‘set manoeuvres’ in the UK driving test syllabus – you will only be asked to complete one of them during the test but will not know which one until you are in the car with the examiner. The manoeuvres are:

  • Parallel parking
  • Bay parking – reversing into
  • Pulling over on the right-hand side & Reversing for two car lengths
  • Bay parking – driving into

In addition to one of these manoeuvres, on some tests the examiner also asks for an ’emergency stop’ (approx 1 in 3 tests).

The reason for being patient and not trying the manoeuvres too soon is that when you have mastered the skills of controlling the car and making decisions based on the actions of other drivers, the manoeuvres will be easy and you will learn them quicker. If you start your manoeuvres too soon you will waste lesson time and money and also risk becoming disheartened if you find yourself struggling.

A logical order for initial manoeuvres:

  • Emergency stop as soon as you have mastered basic control skills
  • Angle starts
  • Straight reversing
  • Reversing right and left
  • Finally, turning around and parallel parking and dealing with car parks should be left until late on in your course when you have developed a wide range of skills and are gaining confidence.
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